Let’s celebrate International Toilet day


International toilet day is 19th November in each year and still there are so many people in Asian countries who do not have toilet facilities. Specially, people who live in huts face for this problem so badly. Reducing land shares is a  main problem for the land holders because of urbanization. As a result of it, a hug impact has been affected for the people’s health and sanitation.

Toilet waste is a resource that can be used to produce energy. HELPO organization in Sri Lanka is giving a new look for the Sri Lanka’s toilets by introducing a program called Energy-fit for the domestic background, factories, hospitals, Navy and government organization using toilet waste to produce biogas


HELP-O Human & Environment Links Progressive Organization – Galle SriLanka

HELP-O abbreviated Human & Environment Links Progressive Organization is a Non Profit Organization which was established in 1992 under the Social Welfare act of Sri Lanka.

We aimed at developing and balancing human and environmental progress in rural as well as urban areas, focusing on the low-income community. Our goals are to eliminate poverty, to ensure peaceful co-existence, to introduce environmental conservation methodologies and to protect and ensure human and children rights so as to direct the society towards an overall developed environment.

HELP-O is sharing the experience with other cities through the program in grass root level people through their experience, strategies, faults and challenges how they over come from it. As a key concept which we are implementing “Green Bio Energy City Concept” in many cities in Sri Lanka.

HELP-O awarded 21st IYSH Memorial Fund Award form the Japan Housing Association (JHA). In last year, organization provided housing facility for homeless persons with the sanitary facilities. Those people stayed in government lands after the tsunami their all houses were destroyed after that nobody provided a housing facility for them, but HELP-O constructed houses with the support of ACHR and ANPAS.

First time, Sri Lankan organization, HELP-O could to win the Earth care award in year 2012.The award ceremony was hosted by The Times of India and the JSW Foundation in association with Center for Environment Education. The awards were initiated in 2008 and have, each year since then, recognized and rewarded innovation in the field of sustainable development. This year, for the first time, the awards appreciated within SAARC region for their war against climate change. This award could win due to the environmental conservation through environmental service with biogas technology in Sri Lanka. Mitigating climate change, renewable energy & organic waste reduction are the key areas we are highlighted.