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Human & Environment Links Progressive Organization is a Non – Profit Organization which was established in 1992 under the Social Welfare act of Sri Lanka. The HELP-O is a Non Government Organization and this Non Government organization implements many services and programs for the Grass root level community and for the Sri Lanka. We are implementing below mention services

  • Environment Conservation Programs
  • Micro Finance Program
  • Community Networking Programs
  • Savings and Credit to Empower the self employees
  • Human Rights Programs
  • Child Development Programs

Those are main working areas of the HELP-O Non Government Organization. HELP-O non Profitable organization is dedicated to provide their service to community of Sri Lanka.

Our Vision

“A world with social Justice & Environmentally- friendly economic Development”

Our Mission 

“support vulnerable committees in Sri Lanka to identify their needs and develop solutions through partnerships with stakeholders” 


To promote the economic and social standards of Urban and Rural Folks whose vital requirements are ignored by society and ensure peaceful co-existence among st them irrespective of caste, race and religion and encourage to protect and development the environmental resources.

Fundamental principals

  • To trust the poor people
  • To accept the view that generally the people are wise enough
  • To adhere to principle that people cannot be classified according to their race, religion and cast
  • To accept the view that priority should be given to the community when making programmes.
  • To discard party politics
  • To enrich knowledge whilst supporting the community
  • To accept the view of extending due recognition to natural resources
  • To love and admire the nature
  • To follow and adhere to the just and correct path
  • To accept the view that non government organizations are efficient in extending services to the bublic more efficiently than the government

HELP-O is currently holding the membership of the following national as well as International Organizations:

    1. CITYNET, Japan, Sri Lanka Member
    2. United Nations Development Program, Colombo;
    3. SEVENTHA – Urban Resource Centre, Colombo;
    4. Green Movement of Sri Lanka
    5. Food & Agriculture Organization