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Community Bio-gas Programs

  • HELP‐O has implemented many environment programs before we done program to sort the waste house wise after end this program we implemented the second phase of waste management program through this we are constructing biogas plants in village wise those villages are dustbins distributed areas previous project. Through this program we are constructing 09 biogas plants. We are construct 12m³ that can dump 100 K.G per day from this biogas plant we can provide biogas for 05 houses. The capacity is 22 m³ constructed biogas for “Mahamodara” teaching hospital.
  • From this project we can aware the community about important of sorting waste before we implement this program wastes don’t have a value community dump the waste near the road now they collect it for dump to biogas plant now they are seeking waste the best thing is waste has a market now. Through this program we can decrease the village waste inside of the village. All beneficiaries pay Rs.500 per every month to People’s Company from that money we have planned to construct more biogas plant and expand our program to various place.
  • Collected money only uses for construct more biogas plants in various areas. This program is Public Private Partnership Program which implementing Central Environment Authority (CEA), Galle Municipal Council and People’s Movement. They are the main steak holders of the program. In early the total waste collection of the city was 55 tons but now it has decreased to 25Tons per day. One of the best products of the biogas unit is Organic Compost Manure. This automatically comes from the biogas unit. This is highly effective for cultivation. At this moment we have printed a label and it has a market value. The one of organic compost bottle they sell Rs.50.00 and this is one of good income for the village people’s company branch. We have enough requests for this compost manure from the cultivators. Even people started the organic agriculture in many places.
  • Now people are using this extra energy for their cooking purposes. Many people have started new self-employments from this support because they could able to get the biogas energy for low price. We implement this program with Public Private Partnership (PPP) program and we could able to expand this with people’s movement that we formed before. We established an environment fund for expand this program in future according to that every beneficiary should pay Rs.500 every month for getting biogas except the land donated person for construct the biogas unit. On the other hand this is a good solution for the grass root level community because they could able to get energy for low price.

Youth Centre - Maharagama

One of major place is for youth development in Sri Lanka. They had to face a critical issue of waste. The perishable waste was the huge problem and there was no proper solution to dispose correctly. Not even that energy consumption was very high and needed sustain solution. Therefore was constructed 22m3 biogas unit at 2013. Hence, they got huge benefits. The most important thing is they could recover the spend cost by saving LP Gas.


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