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Domestic Bio Gas Energy Pit

This project done with great home owner Mr.Themiya who was in Engineering field and with kids and other family members he is so busy person because of doing with his works. And this small home land located in near to galle town. Because of all of this causes couldn’t manage time to handle their garbage in proper way, some of time giving garbage to municipal garbage collecting vehicle couldn’t help for them because of they haven’t time to do that.

Project done perfectly because of this household has brilliant choices among the polluting or saving the nature. So, this is a new and not completed house and owner of the home decided to install custom designed Bio-Gas unit according to our (HELP-O) company ideas and building constructor’s advices.

Then we decided to make the domestic energy pit without toilet pit for the house. For this project we choose.

Being innovative is the most efficient way to get success in everything, So we thought about this subject also.



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