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Collected and Exported Glass Waste Program in the Galle City

At the present, our society faced to a huge problem due to not properly waste management system. These glass wastes are helping to growth health problems. So we offered a solution to the Glass waste.
Galle Municipal Area. HELP-O able to lead the program. Community basis and Municipal basis collect glass and collect in a one place, then shift to China. Now people bring glass waste and during the past there is no proper process for glass recycling but HELP-O could bring this solution to the Galle city.
During waste sorting process there was no solution to glass but we could bring sustain solution for it. Not even that unrecyclable glass was one of main reason for spreading Dengue threat but now we could solve this issue in city level.

“Karapitiya” hospital Solid Waste Management Program

The Karapitiya hospital which is rendering immense service is going to a large mass of people daily and collects a large number of solid wastes. As this was a big problem, we were able to build a waste collection center to manage this solid waste management.

Local Action to Mitigate E-waste

The growing amount of E-waste is creating a major impact on the society. Although the total amount is 1-2% it has the higher potential in polluting 75% of drinking water. The Southern province environment Authority has initiated the E- waste Collection Program and the HELP-O has taken action under the CITYNET funded Community based Waste Management Project to encourage the project by providing side support in collecting E-waste and encouraging small businesses and households with potential in waste generation.


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