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Karapitiya Teaching Hospital Biogas Program

This is the first biogas unit that constructed in a hospital AISA. In order to address the massive problem of unsystematic disposal of solid waste in Karapitiya Hospital’s inability to address this problem, the doctors refused to work in the hospital.

HELP-O took the initiative to find a solution for the waste problem. As a result of that a Bio‐gas plant was initiated. Normally hospital could save more than Rs.40, 000 monthly by reducing the LP Gas consumption. As a result of this project, the hospital is now experiencing the benefits of the bio‐gas plant.

* Bio-chemicals is been used to produce bio‐gas.

* Plastics and polythene is been sold for recycling.

* Organic garbage is been used for fertilizer.

This program benefits to reduce the wastage issues in “Karapitiya” Hospital. Thus, they save 4 cylinders fuel that used in hospital kitchen and use bio‐gas instead of it. Through this biogas unit hospital can earn money from cooking previously they used LP Gas they use this extra energy for their daily requirement. This was a total solution for the waste problem of the hospital now Hospital earns from the throwing waste. The program sponsored by USEAP.


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