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Home Garden Programs

HELP‐O started new program within the grass root level that is home gardening with base of Biogas unit. At the beginning level started this in Totagamuwa under the USAID SARI Energy program we constructed biogas unit in Totagamuwa area. As the second stage of that we are carrying organic cultivation. The program is totally community based. Now that program expanded to many places with base of the Biogas units. Now many of house wives started the cultivation with using the organic manure of the biogas. HELP‐O promoted the organic cultivation through.

  1. Domestic Level
  2. Community Level
  3. Institutional Level
  4. School level
The other fact is most of people do animal husbandry. There is a huge possibility to carry on this program. Currently people started the cultivation but we need to promote the organic cultivation. HELP‐O gets the support of People movement to carry on and monitor this program. Under this program village people movement branch start the selling bio fertilizer. On the other hand this is one of income generating activity in ground level and has multi benefits. The program monitor by two stages one is CBO level and second is village level branch. We have provided the seeds for the people who wish to cultivate in lands.

Home garden program in China Garden

After the awareness program Help-o started the Home garden program. China Garden people didn’t plant any vegetable or fruit tree due to they haven’t any space to plant. Therefore we introduced the home garden plant system and also trained how to plant that seeds and plants using small buckets and pots without more spaces at their home. And we supplied,

  1. Vegetable seeds
  2. Vegetable plants
  3. Fruit plants from Government agriculture farm. Then we gave this compost fertilizer, seeds and plants among the people.
They interested this program, because of that they collected Plastic Bottles, Plastic Boxes, Rain Fall (water trap), and Plastic Bags.


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