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Sanitary Project for Better Lives

Most of infrastructural facilities in Galle district have destroyed by Tsunami disaster. Roads, Channels, Water supply, Electricity & many other common needs were demanded for people. The main issue that arisen through all of these is the difficulties of providing water and sanitary facilities. Therefore we have been implementing projects to facilitate these necessaries. This was an integrated effort for providing the best sanitation facilities for the grass root level community.

No of Toilets…………..300 (ANPAS)

No of Toilets…………... 33 (ACHR) complete

No of toilets…………….08 (Japanese Housing Association) No of common well…….18 (ANPAS)

No of Tube well………...46 (ANPAS)

More than 200 toilets have been constructing in Tsunami affected areas. Construction would take place on installment payment basis. Many of this Toilets have been constructing in tsunami affected areas and some of them in Housing Scheme.

As people couldn’t find pure water in many Villages, we wish to construct Common Wells and Tube Wells in particular Communities. The Sanitary facilities for private use have been providing on half loan basis. This is just to train people to make familiar with savings. Any of these payments will not be granted to HELP‐O; these grants will be the capital and property of people.


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