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Solid Waste Management Program

Community Based Solid Waste management in China Garden - Pilot Project (2016 -2018)

With the experience of Yokohama City, CITYNET-Yokohama Project Office and the Institute for Global Environmental Strategies (IGES), Galle City and the HELP-O have been implementing a community-based solid waste management project to achieve waste free city in Galle. The main objectives of the project are: It’s a program with involve with all related stakeholders in Galle city for waste management. Under this provided two recycle bags for perishable and nonperishable waste.
According to this project we did,

* To organize an Awareness program                                                                                                                                    1. School Awareness Program                                                                                                                                       2. Community Awareness Program

* To organize Cleaning Program
* To organize Stakeholders Meetings
* To conduct the Sticker Campaign
* To Exporting the collected Glass Waste
* To Diploid hand – cart for village
* To Assigned the green leaders
* To Distribution of waste collection bags
* To Made a private public partnership
* To strengthen the partnership among stakeholders,
* To mobilize the community,
* To established monitoring systems.

Solid Waste Collection Program

Produce and Distribution of Separate Waste Collection Bags in the China Garden Mobirise helps We are conducting the waste separate collection system in China Garden ward at Galle. For that we introduced waste separate collection bag producing by out handy bags. There have two types of bags named Organic waste bag and non – Organic waste bag. These are Rice bags and can be reuse to collect waste again. It has a cover inside of the bag.
First we held the awareness program to the people of China Garden ward. We discussed how to collect the bags and to get their views. Then we found the women who living at China Garden for sewing the bags as a self-employed. We paid 50 rupees per bag to her. So we think this is a win-win situation of the project.
As the main activity of the project we have distributed the separate waste collection bag to community of china garden in Galle. It is very useful thing for build the new waste collection system.
The uses of this bag are,
  1. People can reuse this bag
  2. People can put garbage according to two categories such as organic waste and inorganic waste
  3. Can reduce the amount of waste that dumping to the yard
  4. This can be also developed as a self-employment 
As the first step of the new waste collection system, distributed Organic Waste Separation Bag.


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