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with partnership of Austarlian High Commision , Prison Welfare Commity Galle Sub Commity and HELP O Sri Lanka

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Project Objective:
• Approaching towards society development by emphasizing on protection & ensuring human and children rights through depriving the violence and raising awareness.
• Leading low income people and disaster victims for a sustainable development process with raising awareness, providing training and facilitating potential environment by reintegrating and initiating income generating activities.
• Strengthen the local level community base societies for enabling them to be met strong and independent entities within the development process and create an appropriate environment for the exchange of ideas, information and materials between the city stakeholders.
• Disseminate the information on development issues and support communities to organize small groups, youth federations to ensure maximum community participation through participatory implementation of project irrespective of ethnic diversity to enjoy equal opportunities to live as one Sri Lankan nation.

Summary of the Project
The Project of Human Rights Awareness Raising in Galle has been started successfully as planned on 27th of July 2015. We started this project as steps. As the first step, we organize the discussion with commissioner in Prison of Galle and Prison welfare officers. We planned that how to proceed the project and create the Time Frame and manage the Budget in first week. Then arrange all required things (Stationery, equipments, Banners & stickers, Furniture) for this Vocational Training project.
Description of major components, According to Project we started Awareness programs in Galle area as second step. Awareness workshops are brief fundamental human rights for combination of prison officers, Police officers, Teacher & Pupils, Private Sector, Government sector and Media. Then according to the proposal opened the New Vocational Training Center under the courses named with Barbers Training: and Beauty culture, Wood crafting, Masons Training, Sewing, Shoe Making, and Aluminum Fittings. We supplied the equipments for all the trainings.
Under the project context we distributed the tool kits for several released prisoners. Other tool kits will be distributing end of the training. We are continuing some activities in present. They are: few awareness programs, few toolkit distributions and supervise about released prisoners’ progress.

Awareness Workshops (from 03/August/2015 to 31/March/2016

*Completed Awareness Workshops - Government Sector

Awareness Workshops of the Project for Galle Divisional Secretariat’s Village Officers (GS Officer) and Samurdi Officers.

  1. Hikkaduwa Divisional Secretary
  2. Galle Divisional Secretary
  3. Welivitiya Divithura Divisional Secretary
  4. Akmeemana Divisional Secretary
  5. Nagoda Divitional Secretary
* In additional we would like to report. Due to progress of awareness programs Galle Prison held the two Human Rights & rehabilitation programs in Elpitiya and Ambalangoda DS Divisions without our project funds. We support to them by our guidance. It is prove that our programs are helpful and became too successful.
  1. Prison Guards
  2. Parents & Guardians
  3. Student & teachers
  4. Private Sector
  5. Police Officers
  6. Counseling Program
  7. Training Human Rights care guards


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