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Throw Backs to our some of works

The way we came with international, local partnerships, best staff and lots of volunteers and different governments.... is not just a success it's a descent work that done and still continuing with lots of peoples and limited resources....

Human Rights

Community Based

International Affaires

Time line to previous works...

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Housing Projects

We have been constructing about 29 new houses in Galle district for homeless families who have affected due to the tsunami disaster. We are oriented the affected people who don’t have land or property ownership. Government and Some Non Government Organizations have been providing houses for some affected people. Non residential house owners, whose houses were destroyed, will receive houses. But people, who didn’t have their own land and destroyed their rented house by the disaster, will not receive houses...
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Sanitary Projects

Most of infrastructural facilities in Galle district have destroyed by Tsunami disaster. Roads, Channels, Water supply, Electricity & many other common needs were demanded for people. The main issue that arisen through all of these is the difficulties of providing water... Download PDF

Community Activities

We have been constructing a community centre to provide an opportunity for people to develop their mentality and to perform social activities within their village... 
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Community Centers Development Projects

Aim of the intervention logic: Th
e overall objective is the improvement of social, psychological and economic onditions of the weakest categories of the community in Thotagamuwa. The project will support the community though the following actions...
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New Year Festivals

Tsunami Displaced Celebrate the New Year. This particular New year Festival was held on 17th of April 2006 is specially held for the Tsunami victims. This festival mainly organised for the people who resides between Ambalangoda and Goviyapana, Help-O community groups who were affected by this Tsunami disaster....
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“Celebrate Poson Festival with all Religious”

HELP-O conducted Poson festival with the participation of all Nations in Sri Lanka. The vision of the program is any religious can celebrate poson festival for implement this program every religion members involved actively. As a part of the program we conduct Buddhist carol songs with participation all religious. Through this program we could able to increase the mutual understanding between all nations and through this they learn how to work cooperatively. Other religions could able to get clear idea about what this festival and its worth. Download PDF

Children Programs

Children’s programs are one of the key areas of our activities as, in fact, it will be the real future investment. We have formed children societies in every community to improve their mentality and physical ability. Lots of children activities have been implementing through these children societies. They have conducted in those societies such as...
* Dancing competition
* Drawings presentation
* Art exhibition...
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Solid Waste Management

Tsunami Recovery – Waste management through Clean – Up Galle program was focused on “Cleaning – Up” the Galle district and helping the local authorities and citizenry of Galle to establish systems and techniques in order to ensure their waste is disposed in a hygienic and environmentally friendly way...
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