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Upgrade life pattern to a considerable extent by providing necessary guidance is the most important thing to reach the main target of poverty elevation from Sri Lanka. The strong community net work is the most appropriate solution to send this message to all community in regular way.

HELP-O formed a community network in Galle district after the Tsunami disaster it was much strong & expanded to Matara district also with the main objective of to rehabilitate the lives of coastal community who were helpless due to that unexpected disaster. Through the group formation system this net work was established & it was a good arena for them to talk about their problems & to reduce their pains they suffered due to lost of their family members, livelihood etc.

Through the help of this net work, community got involve in different type of community driven projects such as housing, infrastructure, livelihood etc & in to some extent the rehabilitation was success. Gradually the community understood the mechanism of this net work & they were empowered to take the leadership to continue this network.

In present this small groups have expand their network up to Co-Operative system & they do savings ,provide loans as well as get involve in different social activities to contribute in poverty reduction. This network is covering a wider range of people’s requirements timely & quickly by targeting the direct beneficiaries in ground level.

Many Community Networking Programmes were done by HELP-O. More Information about HELP-O Projects _

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Values of community network

Providing access to information flows &  exchanges

Learning from each other’s experience

Helping each other with challenges

Creating knowledge together

Develop a collective sense of trust and commitment

Positive attitudes has increased in the minds of the community

Also we have conducted many social programmes with community

Poson Festival

New Year Festival Projects

Costal Raising Programmme

Handi Craft Programme


                                                 Community Networking Program