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Another housing program is helped to reconstruct 05 tsunami affected houses in Galle district. The support for this program is ACHR Thailand. The total amount that we disbursed is Rs.250, 000 for each house and we gave 09 houses for this assistance.

Those people have the ownership of the land from this amount is from organization and the other money provided by the community. The project implemented areas are Katugoda/ Unawatuna. We gave only seed grant to start the other money is from the beneficiaries.

After the Tsunami disaster HELP-O organization helped to many home less people to construct their lost houses and other infrastructure. While this program running we conducted many awareness programs to improve the skills and knowledge. The community directly contribute their capacity to this program sometimes they conducted “Sharamdana” program to clean the land and for construct houses.

This is the first experience for our organization about providing assistance for houses through this we learned many things first we identified the needs of the community and we organized the community for small groups and grass root level community contribute their capacity for construct those houses.

This grant we provided step by step and monitored by the organization and the small teams. We learned through this program if we can establish a revolving fund then we can provide more assistance to home less persons because we got many requests from those people also we learned how to get success community contribution for provide housing facility.

Through this program we thought to establish a strong community network for provide many assistance to people because most of people are not well organized. If they organize they can won many challenges. The main goal is to empower the grass root level community and get their success contribution for development process. “Manavila Housing Project” – A land for Housing The people of Galle city had a good life before Tsunami somebody had good houses and somebody didn’t have most of people lived on Government lands and reservation areas.

HELP-O established data centre in various places from this we got the correct data about the affected families. From this step we identified the home less people who stayed in CGR land and Reservation of Galle city. On that time they were suffering without houses. Even they didn’t have their basic needs after the tsunami their all houses were destroyed after government didn’t give the permission to build those houses because of that reason nobody didn’t help to them. HELP-O has setup a program to those people.

We motivate them because on that time they were on bad mental situation because they lost their every thing. We had to work hard much to improve their knowledge and the mental health. Those people don’t have enough money to get a land and construct the houses on that time Asian Coalition for Housing Rights (ACHR) members visited to Sri Lanka and they went to see this people.

After this they discuss with them and they agreed to provide money to get a land and they said this money should repay by the beneficiaries because it should become a revolving fund for provide more loans to homeless people.

The ACHR members went to verfiy the land before disburse the money and beneficiaries and ACHR members chosen a land which is situated on “Manavila”. ACHR provided Rs.2.5 Million money to get the land but that money is not enough so HELP-O got a loan for rest of other. After purchased the land ANPAS (Italy) Organization has provided financial support to build the houses. Total amount that they provided to construct houses is Rs12.4 Million. From this program we constructed 27 houses to home less people. This was much help for the people who affected to Tsunami. HELP-O also gave the support to provide the drinking water to the land because they had huge problem of drinking water.