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 Have you thought about the concept of” ECO GREEN” for a moment? Sometimes you may get a chance or sometimes you may not as you are busy with your daily living. With

The introduction of industrialization to this world people try to earn money in many wrong ways. Every natural resource becomes a way to earn money. With this the dark clouds of inhumanity spreads across the world. As every natural resource most of the people try to destroy nature. If I simplified it for you they cut trees and sell for “timber”

 A tree is a great investment to our future as they are the guardians of this world who protect this world by the conquers of alien forces such as ultra violet rays of sun by providing ozone layer. We HELP-O, are planting trees to protect this world as our prime aim is to make this world a better place. Under this project we are going to introduce a method to this world to hold our hands to SAVE NATURE. We are going to start a program which let you to work with us and grow a plant to save this world from the oncoming natural disasters which you have seen in 2012 FILM.

Through PAY PAL system anyone can give a donation and we will grow a plant and put the name of the person who gives the donation. Think for a moment about the way you waste money. Why cannot you use it for a good purpose such as “SAVE NATURE”? The special feature of this program is, through GPS technology we are providing the information of those trees to this world. Use your money   to HEAL THE WORLD.

We are working to built a world full of green where everyone can live without fear.Hold our hands  and save this world and make it a better place for every person

We have already started this program to lead the way to a green world as day by day nature is going against human race due to many hard works of human race. We should understand the reality, if we protect nature, nature will protect us. Planting a tree is a great service to this world as a tree can protect many lives by providing essential factors for human lives. In an economic based society people do not have enough time to think about nature