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We are!

We are leading and smart organization based on Environment Protecting related projects
With the best trusts of International Organizations

Innovative Waste Management And Recycling Projects

Mainly we have done so many projects with lot’s of International Organizations and Comapanies.

Glass, Plastics Waste Management And Recycling

Currently more than 150 tons of glass wastes have had exported to Middle East country.

Solid Waste Management And Recycling

Waste Management was a perfect stream to serve the world.

HELP‐O is an organization aimed at developing and balancing human and environmental progress in rural as well as urban areas, focusing on the low‐income community. Even environment conservation with many stakeholders is one of other goal of the organization. The organization is working in all over the country specially we could expand the service to the Eastern Province and implemented many programs with many stakeholders of eastern province.

Objectives of Us!


Approaching society towards development emphasizing of protecting & ensuring human and children rights through depriving the violence and awareness rising.


Leading low income people and disaster victims for a sustainable development process with raising awareness, providing training and facilitating potential environment by reintegrating and initiating income generating activities.


Strengthen the local level community base societies for enabling them to be meeting strong and independent entities within the development process and create an appropriate environment for the exchange of ideas, information and materials between the city stakeholders. Disseminate the information on development issues support communities to organize small groups, youth federations to ensure maximum community participation participatory implementation of project irrespective of ethnic diversity to enjoy equal opportunities to live as one Sri Lankan nation.

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Catogories of Projects we’ve done!

Human Rights Programs

Rising for Rights for Strengthening Civil Society Network in South Asia to achieve SDG 6 (FANSA PROJECT)

FANSA has recently launched a new project “Rising for Rights for Strengthening Civil Society Network in South Asia to achieve SDG 6”. The proposed project will be guided by an approach, which puts the rights of the citizens at the core and is comprised of three elements i) advocacy for policy action leading to system…

Community Development

Housing Project for Upgrade the Living Conditions

Housing Project for Upgrade the Living Conditions We have been constructing about 29 new houses in Galle district for homeless families who have affected due to the tsunami disaster. We are oriented the affected people who don’t have land or property ownership. Government and Some Non-Government Organizations have been providing houses for some affected people….

Community Development

Rehabilitation Project & Cleaning Project

Rehabilitation Project & Cleaning Project In 2004 many of districts were badly affected by the Tsunami. Galle and Matara are two districts badly affected. HELP‐O implemented cleanup program with the affected people and we able to rebuild their minds for a positive way and this is psychosocial program activity. Cleaning the city was very essential…

Community Development

Micro Finance Program for Community Empowerment

Micro Finance Program for Community Empowerment HELP‐O’s microfinance unit issues small loans to the rural poor who cannot qualify for traditional banking credit.    Micro‐finance is often seen as the only way they can establish a business and lift themselves out of poverty.  In 2006, we received two loans from Norwegian NGO, The Stromme Foundation, totaling 12.2…

P.P.P & Social Responsibility

P.P.P Social Responsible

Tsunami Displaced Celebrate the New Year. This particular New year Festival was held on 17th of April 2006 is  specially held for the Tsunami victims. This festival mainly organised  for the people who resides between  Ambalangoda and Goviyapana, Help-O community groups who were affected by this Tsunami disaster. The time allocated for this new year…

Environment Conservation

Green Industrial Sector

MAS Holding Koggala   MAS Holdings converted into eco-friendly process and stated waste management program in factory. Able to minimize methane generation and manage the generated waste. In the year 2013 constructed a biogas unit with a 22m3 capacity. Use for boiling water and other purposes. Conducted several awareness programs for the management and for…

Waste Management

Making Galle City Plastic Waste Free

“Making Galle City Plastic Waste Free” is an ongoing project that addresses plastic waste challenges at the global, national, and local levels. Jointly led by the Ministry of Environment, Sri Lanka, the United Nations Environment Program – Basel Convention  (UNEP – BRS), the Secretariat of the Basel, Rotterdam and Stockholm Conventions (BRS Secretariat), the IGES…

Environment Conservation

Tree Planting

During the last few decades HELP-O could implement many tree planting programs. The first program implemented under UNDP SGP GEF grant and second tree planting program implemented under USAID SARI ENERGY Program. The first program implemented in 1994 and second program implemented on 2010. When HELP-O implements second program could develop city level program. It…

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