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About Us!

Fundemetal Principals

Our Principals and Fundamentals

1. To treat the poor community and learn from them.
2. To accept that community development is with human & child right protection.
3. To refrain from party politics.
4. To help the community and learn from them.

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Our Principals and Fundamentals

1. To accept that the community is aware & refrain from party politics.
2. To accept that the community cannot be classified by their religion, race, caste and the social status.
3. To accept the position that the community should be given the leadership when preparing programs.

Memberships of Our Organization

HELP-O is currently holding the membership of the following memberships of national as well as international organizations:

  1. CITYNET, Japan, Sri Lanka Member- CityNet-The regional network of local authorities for the management of human settlements. ... Call for Host City of CityNet ExCom Meeting    Explore more!
  2. TUGI, Malaysia UNDP, Sri Lanka Member - An earthquake shattered millions of lives in Nepal, UNDP is working to help people recover and rebuild stronger. ... Interested in working for UNDP in Sri Lanka. Explore more!
  3. Asia Pacific – 2000 Programme, Manila, UNDP Sri Lanka Member - The more nuanced focus of the Report is guided by substantive and ... Nations Development Programme, its Executive Board or its Member States.. Explore more!
  4. United Nations Development Program, Colombo - United Nations Development Program, Colombo .. Explore more!
  5. SEVENTH A – Urban Resource Centre, Colombo - To be a dynamic change agent for transforming the lives of urban and rural poor ... SEVANATHA Urban Resource Centre and Sri Lanka Women's Development ... Explore more!
  6. Green Movement of Sri Lanka - Green Movement of Sri Lanka. The Green Movement of Sri Lanka (GMSL) is an organization concerned with Environmental Conservation. Expllore more!
  7. Waste net, Colombo, Secretary - The Presidential Secretariat has made arrangements to implement a wide ... to combat bribery, corruption, fraud, malpractices and waste in the ... Explore more!
  8. Stromme Micro Finance Asia (Guarantee) Ltd - Stromme Micro Credit (Gte) Ltd (SMAGL) is a company limited by Guarantee ... were established to help achieve the overall vision of the Stromme Foundation ... Explore more!

Vision of the Orgnaization

The vision of our organization is to implement systematic resource management programs for improving environmental sensitive areas and the biodiversity of Sri Lanka, and focusing human rights issues so as to move towards protect and ensure human as well as children rights for creation of an overall social developed community with maximum human right protection, and minimizing ethnic conflicts in order to encourage sustainable peace by using the participatory development approach and to move towards the physical developed of the community through livelihood, psychosocial conditions and health development.

Here is Our Key Persons of Organization

Mr. Chathura Weliwitiya

Mr. Chathura Welivitiya

Mrs. K.K Abeywickrama 

Mr. Amarasinghe Kudagallara

Mr. Thilak Kariyawasam

Dr. Jayasiri Lokuge

Advocate - Mr. Mapalagama Wimalarathna Godagama

If you are like to get chance on working as a volunteer in our Organization of HELP O Sri Lanka

Mr. Chathura Weliwitiya

Chairman/ chief Executive


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