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Community Building

Lives and properties have sacrificed to the Indian Ocean due to resent Tsunami disaster. Livelihoods of citizens in Sri Lanka have destroyed against their sights. Therefore, we had to go towards them to assist with their survival. Thus, HELP‐O started, initially, to collect real information of affected people and property. Then, they are divided into two separate categories in order to distribute relevant benefits.

The people living in coastal area were the seriously affected community by the Tsunami disaster on 26th of December 2004. It is about 60% of them subjected to fisheries. Their one and only source of living was destroyed. Their Land, resident and properties were destroyed and also some of valuable lives of family members. Despite all of these, the loss of their source of income and insistence of lives were directed to raise a numerous issue on break downing their mentality. Having observed all those issues that fishermen faced, British High Commission and HELP‐O started a process to assist fisheries to enhance their development.

P.P.P & Social Responsibility

We have been constructing about 29 new houses in Galle district for homeless families who have affected due to the tsunami disaster. We are oriented the affected people who don’t have land or property ownership. Government and Some Non-Government Organizations have been providing houses for some affected people. Nonresidential house owners, whose houses were destroyed, will receive houses. But people, who didn’t have their own land and destroyed their rented house by the disaster, will not receive houses.

Most of infrastructural facilities in Galle district have destroyed by Tsunami disaster. Roads, Channels, Water supply, Electricity & many other common needs were demanded for people. The main issue that arisen through all of these is the difficulties of providing water and sanitary facilities. Therefore we have been implementing projects to facilitate these necessaries. This was an integrated effort for providing the best sanitation facilities for the grass root level community.

HELP‐O’s microfinance unit issues small loans to the rural poor who cannot qualify for traditional banking credit. Micro‐finance is often seen as the only way they can establish a business and lift themselves out of poverty. In 2006, we received two loans from Norwegian NGO, The Stromme Foundation, totaling 12.2 Million rupees. As a result of this, we have issued loans to 884 individuals this year and our default rate is less than 1% so far.

(A Pilot Project in China Garden)
- They made hand – cart by their own self

Into village roads are very small also municipal council vehicle cannot travel on the roads. Also we gave the hand – cart. After few days that hand – cart getting the damage. But villagers re-made by their own self, because of that they feel this project as their project not only our project. It is a one of the measurement in the project, Because of that community people being with project. Download Case Study of this project >

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