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Solid Waste Collection Program

We are conducting the waste separate collection system in China Garden ward at Galle.
For that we introduced waste separate collection bag producing by out handy bags. There have two types of bags named Organic waste bag and non – Organic waste bag. These are Rice bags and can be reuse to collect waste again. It has a cover inside of the bag.

At the present, our society faced to a huge problem due to not properly waste management system. These glass wastes are helping to growth health problems. So we offered a solution to the Glass waste.
Galle Municipal Area. HELP-O able to lead the program. Community basis and Municipal basis collect glass and collect in a one place, then shift to China. Now people bring glass waste and during the past there is no proper process for glass recycling but HELP-O could bring this solution to the Galle city.

The Karapitiya hospital which is rendering immense service is going to a large mass of people daily and collects a large number of solid wastes. As this was a big problem, we were able to build a waste collection center to manage this solid waste management.

The growing amount of E-waste is creating a major impact on the society.
Although the total amount is 1-2% it has the higher potential in polluting 75% of drinking water. The Southern province environment Authority has initiated the E- waste Collection Program and the HELP-O has taken action under the CITYNET funded Community based Waste Management Project to encourage the project by providing side support in collecting E-waste and encouraging small businesses and households with potential in waste generation.

Human Rights Programs

Project Code Number – CLMB/2014 2015/15
This project funds donated by Australian High Commission.

The Project of Human Rights Awareness Raising in Galle has been started successfully as planned on 27th of July 2015. We started this project as steps. As the first step, we organize the discussion with commissioner in Prison of Galle and Prison welfare officers. We planned that how to proceed the project and create the Time Frame and manage the Budget in first week. Then arrange all required things (Stationery, equipment, Banners & stickers, Furniture) for this Vocational Training project.

Peace building programs

This particular New year Festival was held on 17th of April 2006 is specially held for the Tsunami victims. This festival mainly organised for the people who resides between Ambalangoda and Goviyapana, Help-O community groups who were affected by this Tsunami disaster.

HELP-O conducted Poson festival with the participation of all Nations in Sri Lanka. The vision of the program is any religious can celebrate poson festival for implement this program every religion members involved actively.

Lack of proper formation of infrastructure plan raise many issues that face people into difficulties. People in subjective area had been facing lots of problems due to waste water discarding channel system in Katugoda village in Galle district. There was no proper water flow in the channel due to several facts so that the waste water which gathered from several parts of the village was steadfast for many weeks.

After the Tsunami disaster many assesses were destroyed the major assesses is Dharmapala Park this is the main park of the Galle Town. After destroyed the park the peoples of Galle had to face many problems. Those problems we identified and Galle Municipal Council too so we made a plan to reconstruct this beautiful park for the peoples of Galle.

Their initiative is fruitful to capture voice cut of the villagers to be broadcast over the “Lakhanda “ Kadathurawa program aired every Friday at 3.30 p.m to enable people of all walks of life to express their independent views about the ethnic conflicts and the peace process.

There is an ongoing radio program through Hiru FM channel under the caption of A Minute for Peace four times per day on week days at 7.15 am, 12.15 noon and 7.15 pm & 10.15 pm. Scripts from the public are invited to be broadcasted through this channel. News Paper Advertisements and Stickers relating to contribution of scripts have become a very popular program.

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